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Sociology NORTH has been establish to put Sociology into Action! Members identified four broad areas of activity that projects and activities will be organised under. 

Here you will find an overview of our main areas of interest and projects that are currently being development. If you would like to know more about our work, getting involved or write a blog, please emails us or send us a message via twitter. 


Job Candidate
Sociology and Employability: seeks to promote the value of the discipline and to make tangible links with employability. This is being achieved through our online presence, accessible blogs, promoting other Sociology platforms, and conducting research that is establishing clear links to the types of employment graduates secure.


Social Education: seeks to make the discipline more accessible to a wider age group. Members are currently developing a project called SPACE (Social Participation, Action and Community Enterprise). SPACE is an informal education project that adapts Sociology, to assist children & young people to develop their social and cultural capital
Pride Parade


Community Gardening
Community and Environmental Sustainability: seeks to engage with local, national and global communities. Members are keen to work at a grass roots level, to develop projects and activities have wider benefits in society. One such project is Dig, Seed & Feed', which will take place at a community garden, where participants can get out in nature, socialise, while learning about growing food and environmental issues. 


Outreach and Research: seeks to engage with organisations that are working on the ground to develop working partnerships.  Key to all Sociology degrees is the development of research skills, which is something we have to offer organisations. Members are also keen to take part in conferences, training and collaborative projects. 
Digital social media
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